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Proven strategies for skinny guys to build a better body, hack human psychology and create life changing habits whilst still having a life
You should see how grown up they are now!

​​If you’re like most of my readers, then you’re a skinny dude that wants to build muscle, but you’re constantly told that all you need to do is:

​If you’re like most of my readers, then you’re a skinny dude that wants to build muscle, but you’re constantly told that all you need to do is:

“Lift heavy, eat big and sleep loads” in order to get there.

Illustration of an oversized bodybuilder eating, sleeping and lifting and being miserable

So maybe you’ve tried that?

And the results just aren’t worth talking about …

You struggle to gain the slightest bit of muscle and to look like you actually workout …

You might enjoy eating food, and don't want to have to spend a large portion of your time dedicated to the little progress that might come from eating plate after plate of the same boring old food ...

You struggle to follow through on what you said you’d do and can’t seem to keep consistent habits …

You don't want it to become an activity you have to FORCE yourself to do, every single day!

Am I right?

Well, that ends today.

Today, you’ve found the place for skinny guys that want to build a better body and lifestyle without becoming a bodybuilder, meathead or selling your soul to the dark side in the process.

If you immerse yourself in The Superhuman Lab, I’ll show you how to no longer be ‘that skinny guy’.

What’s that mean?

It means you’ll have a body you’re proud of, make habits that stick and still have time to focus on what matters most to you.

But why doesn’t the eat big, lift heavy and sleep approach work for skinny dudes?

Not only does it sound boring as fuck, but …

The truth is, that approach might work for the average Joe and guys with half decent genetics (I’m looking at you, crossfitters!), but for skinny dudes, it’s a recipe for disaster.

It’s advice spat out by gym rats and meatheads who not only know nothing about what it is like to be a skinny dude, but they’re not walking the life I’d want to live and I can bet you wouldn’t either.

Fitness is their entire life.

Instead of enjoying a meal out with friends or a hot date (literally, one in the sun), they’d prefer to chug back protein shakes and stare at themselves ...

To me, that sounds pretty awful!

You want to build a multi-dimensional body with a lifestyle that fits …

​You Want More Than Just Muscle

  • ​Better health, energy and overall well being
  • check
    Muscle in all the right areas to show that you actually work out 
  • check
    A body you’re proud of with more strength and power
  • check
    Habits to serve you in everyday life, so you stay consistent 
  • check
    Focus on the things that matter most and have more time to actually enjoy your life

But the big question you might be wondering is ...

Why Is There Barely Anything Out There For Skinny Guys?

​The weird reality is that being an ectomorph (aka the fancy term for being a skinny dude) means not only are you a rare breed, but also because of that, most of the advice out there is for guys who are average and need to drop fat and find it pretty easy to bulk up.

Have you noticed how pretty much all the work out there is aimed at these guys and not you?

The YouTube ads are all about getting shredded and protein shakes, and magazines are aimed at “lean bulking” and the guys teaching how to build muscle are all saying the same thing ...

They’ve not been skinny guys before. They’ve not known the struggle of it. And they’ve not beat that struggle and helped others do it too.

So chances are, they most likely don’t know …

What it’s like to not be able to gain weight no matter what we try. Sometimes even losing weight when trying their “bulking” programmes.

Feeling stuffed, bloated or sick when trying to eat more food and feeling you’re about to explode. (In fact, most brag about how much they can eat with their calorie challenges.)

What it’s like successfully gaining weight … only to realise that you’re just getting fatter, not more muscular (a common trend with skinny-fats).

Gaining 10 pounds, plateauing and then getting stuck there for years, unable to gain more weight and then giving up …

Being overwhelmed with information or being confused about how to start and what actually works for skinny guys. Which leads to you being stuck in the "research" phase for years – constantly finding shiny new objects to chase in hope of the cure for the skinny syndrome.

​But it’s those areas we break through here at The Superhuman Lab

​Easy to understand steps skinny guys can take to build a better body and lifestyle

Workout Programmes

You’ll get workout programmes designed for your body type from the ground up to get you the best results in record time.

​Nutritional ​How-tos

​Get nutritional strategies to grow faster, to make better choices with food, make building muscle easier and remove the “just eat more” approach.

​Mindset Strategies

​Half of the battle is actually doing what you said you’d do, setting better goals, building habits, and overcoming self doubt.

If you want proven step-by-step formulas, hacks you can apply straight away and strategies that work for skinny guys, then you're in the right place!

At The Superhuman Lab, we help guys, just like you — guys wanting to build more muscle and crush their skinny genes — to levelling up their energy, and life in general.

Through our free content, our paid online training formulas and anything else we might offer — we’re in this to make a difference. To help you build a life and body that you truly love!

We dive deep into the exact strategies, frameworks and tactics that will get you the results you want to level up your life, build a body you’re proud of and focus on the important stuff — even if you’re busy as hell.

Hey again! I’m Dean Phillips
& This isn’t just theory. I’m an ex-skinny guy and recovering fitness junkie.

I’ve actually been where you are right now.

Just a few short years ago, I was 112 pounds (or 8 stone as us Brits call it), depressed and homeless.

Feeling a little stalky, today? Read more about my original story here.

In fact: I felt skinny in every area of my life – my body, my relationships, my values and the list goes on. I felt like I was living what I would consider a “powerless existence”.

I tried everything to get bigger – I took the “meathead” shakes and I wore layers to look beefier and I even wished I was fat at several points in my life. Anything to not be skinny.

I failed 3x by following the same advice I was given time and time again!

It was then that I decided to lock myself away, research and test unconventional ways to crack the muscle building code for skinny guys (and it wasn’t without its coffee drip).

That’s when I went on to build over 60 lbs and completely change my life! 

So you’re probably wondering …

What do the results look like?

Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.
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